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There’s a lot of information out there and we want to help you better understand it all. Our blog features articles that explain hair health and trichology, as well as explore health issues frequently linked to the hair or scalp. In addition, you’ll find beauty and styling tips to always look your best.

5 tips to improve your hair routine

14 December 2018 |

If most of us make daily efforts to take care of our skin, our teeth […]

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Seasonal Shedding in fall season

What to do when September is a synonym of hair loss?

18 October 2018 |

Did you know that it is normal to lose more hair during the fall season? […]

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Photo article de blogue microfibre capillaire | Photo blog article hair microfiber

Hair microfibres: are they right for you?

16 March 2018 |

Hair microfibres are an instant solution to thinning and hair loss for men and women. […]

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After 20 years we have found answers

"Tonight, I'm having a big heartache, because after 20 years we have found answers and solutions to my itchy scalp problem."


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Stimulate your hair growth with Capillus

Laser therapy is a clinically proven solution to thinning hair. Capillus laser caps promote hair growth and amplify hair density thanks to laser diodes that activate the blood circulation in the scalp.

Capillus has demonstrated a 95% success rate of hair regrowth over a 17-week period.


Photo article de blogue cheveux fins | Photo blog article Hair thinning

My hair is getting thinner, how Capilia can help me?

It is essential to start targeted care as soon as soon as your hair starting to get thinner, because thinning hair is a first sign that the process of hair loss is initiated. Whether using trichology cares, laser treatments, hair microfibres, volumizers or PRP treatments, your Capilia experts will be able to suggest the right solutions to counteract and reverse the process.

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Trichology care | Soin de trichologie

For professionals

Are you a professional in the hair business?
Whether you’re interested in distributing our Capilia Trichology products, getting your own Capilia center or offering trichology treatments in your salon, email us with your name, contact information and a short description of the business opportunity that you have in mind.


Prevention that makes me feel confident

I originally discovered Capilia products thanks to a friend and, even though I didn’t have hair issues, I decided to pay them a visit and see if I was on the right track with my personal care. The director of the center welcomed me and graciously answered all my questions. Since then, I have a simple hair care routine that involves natural, super effective products. The only downside? My boyfriend now steals my shampoo!


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